De’Ranch Lembang

De’Ranch Lembang

Missing the atmosphere of a country side? Want to ride a horse like a cowboy? You will find an amazing ranch in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia, called De’Ranch. De’Ranch is a tourist attraction for family with American cowboy theme. The visitors can wear cowboy costumes and ride horses around the ranch. For those who want to learn more about horse riding, De’Ranch gives short course of the basic knowledge of horse riding, horse treatment, and horse cart riding. Besides, there are abundant activities that can be done by the whole members of your family that will make you know more about living in a country side.

Visiting De’Ranch Lembang is such a cheap traveling in Bandung. You only need to pay IDR 5,000 to get the entry ticket, and you will get free milk as a welcome drink. You can do many things in De’Ranch, such as horse riding, archery, fishing, ATV driving, body cycling, milking, gold hunting, and many more. Every activity only costs around IDR 15,000 to IDR 25,000 each. If you want to join De’Ranch Saddle Club, you have to pay an extra IDR 150,000 for an hour horse riding through the riding track heading to a village in Lembang. Every rider will be accompanied by a guide who will always walk along next to the horse with a lead rope. The horses in De’Ranch are Australian horses, which are bigger and stronger than local horses.

For horse riding course, it costs IDR 150,000 per hour, including the instructor. Those who can join the course must be older than 7 years old, and weighing below 80 kg. Horse cart riding costs IDR 50,000 per 30 minutes, and they give horse cart certificate at the end of the session. While horse treatment course teaches how to grow horses, feed and bathe them, and clean the stable. It costs only IDR 15,000 per 30 – 45 minutes.

De’Ranch has many other facilities. There is a flower market which sells many kinds of beautiful flower cultivated by local people. A factory outlet offers you cowboy accessories such as cowboy hats, vests, shirts, and shoes. Also, there is restaurant named Pelana (Saddle) Hall with their recommended dishes. Pelana Hall also offers pizza, various bakeries, and several Sundanese traditional dishes like karedok, batagor, baso tahu, mendoan, tahu pletok, bakso, and many other more. Since Lembang is popular with the dairy products, De’Ranch also has fresh milks and yoghurts with various flavors like chocolate, mocha, banana, strawberry, and grape.

Visiting De’Ranch is an alternative for having different experience in Bandung. De’Ranch opens everyday except Mondays, from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and 8 am to 6 pm on weekends. De’Ranch is located at Jl. Maribaya No. 17 Lembang, close to Yehezkiel Hotel and Tahu Tauhid II. To get to De’Ranch, you need to go to Jl. Maribaya via Jl. Raya Lembang. It is about 200 m away from Lembang market. From Jl. Cihampelas, you can whether take the route via Jl. Setiabudi to Lembang or via Jl. Ir. Hj. Djuanda (Dago) to Maribaya. If you need assistance about how to get there, you can call (+6222) 70840661 or 2785865.