Dago Pakar

Dago Pakar

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Hj. Djuanda (Tahura), or also known as Dago Pakar is a forest park that is located in Mount Pakar, the highest slope in Dago area. It might be the widest green area remained in Bandung. Situated 800 – 1,200 meter above the sea level, Dago Pakar has cool temperature, around 15 o – 22o Celsius. Since Dago Pakar was aimed for a conservation area, there are many kinds of trees there. There are at least 40 families of trees with 112 species of them. People can enjoy the green atmosphere of Dago Pakar and learn about the trees by hiking up the hill through the hiking track.

To explore Dago Pakar, there is a recommended track commonly taken by visitors. First time arriving in Dago Pakar, usually people use the entrances of Gate I and Gate II. From Gate I or Gate II, go to Information Center and Plaza Tahura. In these areas, you can see a beautiful Pakar pond and hydropower plant (PLTA Bengkok). After that, head about 200 m to the south, and you can find a jogging track near to Gate III. The jogging track brings you to the west. After approximately 300 m, you will find Japanese cave. The Japanese cave was built in 1942 using man power of Indonesian people which called Romusha. The cave is very dark, even with some lamps inside the cave. You can rent some lamps from the local people there, or you can use the lightning from your cellphones.

From the Japanese cave, follow the track to the north towards the Dutch cave. It is around 700 m away from the Japanese cave. The Dutch cave was built in 1941 with hydropower. It was actually a kind of tunnel or shelter for colonial armies. From The Dutch cave, keep walking to the amazing waterfall, Curug Ciomas, and Maribaya. Following the track, it heads about 4 km to the north. There the track ends, and you will find Gate IV.

To go to Dago Pakar is very easy. It can be reached with any kind of vehicles, and from any point in Bandung. It is about 1 km away from Terminal Dago, the end point of all angkots and minibus with the route to Dago. From Jl. Cihampelas, take the ramp onto Pasupati flyover to Jl. Cikapayang onto Jl. Ir. Hj. Djuanda (Dago). If you start from Jl. Ciumbuleuit, turn left to Jl. Siliwangi, and make another left turning to Jl. Ir. Hj. Djuanda, then go straight the road and you will find Dago Pakar.

There are many tourist attractions in Dago Pakar. There are an open stage for various performances, children playground, outbound area with flying fox, guest houses, huts, restaurants and cafes, tennis court, and many more. The entrance ticket for local people is IDR 7,500, and IDR 50,000 for foreigners. Your vehicles are also charged, IDR 5,000 for motorbike, IDR 10,000 for car, and IDR 20,000 for bus. You have to pay extra charges for conducting research, doing outbound, or film shooting.

Visiting Dago Pakar is one of the best options if you want to get into a cheap traveling in Bandung. It is a different experience of holiday. Not only the beauty of nature you will get, but also the history of colonialism in Indonesia.