West Sumatra is not only synonymous with the city of Padang, Bukittinggi, Maninjau, or Tower House only. Along the west coast of the province, you can find beautiful beaches. The west coast of Sumatra has a charm other than normal. If the regular traveler to visit the highlands such as Bukittinggi and Sawahlunto, the west coast of the province presents a row of beach which is very beautiful. Not only that, a tiny island off the coast also have an awesome panorama. These four beautiful beach in West Sumatra.

1. Beaches Carocok

This beach is located in the City Painan, South Coastal District. Carocok shaped bay beaches with golden sand, smooth and soft. Fisherman houses and palm trees lining the coast. The fishermen and fro, bringing in the catch in the form of fish and other marine products. Play in the coastal area and you can walk along the beach Carocok from end to end. The fishermen were friendly chat friends who can be fun, especially when talking about the way they fish. The fishermen here have their own way you know! Instead of the boat, the fishermen here attract large nets containing the catch from the edge of the beach.

Try to climb the wooden bridge and look at the Stone Trains. As the name implies, this stone is like a locomotive train. Stone is like to blend with surrounding rocks. Small crabs were often manifest themselves, occasionally passing in front of you. Rest for a moment, then take a deep breath to climb Mount Langkisau. This is the most appropriate location to see the beauty of the beach Carocok of height. Feeling tired when climbing hills paid off when arriving at its peak. White sand seemed to blend with the blue ocean. Small islands like Cingkuak looks tiny from up here. Magnificent.

2. Beaches on the island Pagang

pagang island

When you arrive at the beach Bungus, Go to the Inn Carlos. Inn is the easiest access to reach the island Pagang, about 1 hours drive north of the beach in the South Coastal District. Usually, the innkeeper fix the price of Rp 200,000 for a one-day trip to the island Pagang. Price includes snacks, lunch, drinks, and a walk around the island. Many traveler said Pagang Island beach is the prettiest on the coast of West Sumatra. The sand is white and bright. There is no waste, no people, no stall let alone resort. Shades of light blue colored waters and dark blue, a view of the water is crystal clear and full of biota. If you’re lucky, you can find the turtle while snorkeling there! Driving around the island is a thing that should not be missed. Unspoiled beaches constantly be found, usually only occupied a few lizards. The sunset view on the island is unparalleled.

3. Beaches on the island Cubadak

Still on South Coastal District, rent a speedboat from the island Cubadak Carocok Beach. And takes about 20 minutes, you will arrive on the island with a beautiful pier. The white sand directly addressed both of your feet, the waves were a relaxation treat for the ears, like the sapphire blue sea in front of the eyes. Besides beaches, island is also famous for its panoramic Cubadak under water. Snorkeling certainly be the main agenda. In addition, the forest on the island is also interesting to explore. Cubadak Island still has wildlife such as monkeys, deer, birds, and various other fauna. Satisfied browsing, do not forget to enjoy the fresh coconut water sold on the beach. Enjoy the breeze and swaying coconut palms, looking at the blue sky, combined with the high seas.

4. Beaches on the island Sikuai

Sikuai Island can be reached from the pier Batang Arau, 40 minutes drive from the city of Padang. Contains this resort island famous for beaches beauty. White sandy beaches as if peering from a distance. Approaching the island dock, you are offered a clear sea water with colorful fish swimming in it. This is what makes Sikuai Island a favorite location for snorkelling and diving. Hundreds of ornamental fish will accompany you during the dive. In addition, you also can adventure around the island. Rent a bike at the resort, and pedal your bike around the 40-hectare island. The island was always called beautiful twilight.