One Of The Dishes at Omahe Mbok Giyem

One Of The Dishes at Omahe Mbok Giyem

There really is never anything not worth doing in Yogyakarta, one of Indonesia’s most charming cities. The beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta is complemented with thick Javanese culture, which can be seen in many forms such as arts, dances, architectures, and cuisines. Enjoying Yogyakarta’s traditional food in the past has never sounded so real, until you visit the Omahe Mbok Giyem. Its unique “ndeso” atmosphere and delectable traditional dishes are different from other cheap restaurants in Yogyakarta.

Omahe Mbok Giyem, abbreviated as OMG, is one restaurant which is located in Jl. Kelapa 18 Bantul, Yogyakarta. This restaurant’s atmosphere specifically invites you to reminisce the “tempoe doeloe”, a past time of Indonesia, with traditional dishes of Yogyakarta in a rustic yet enticing nuance of the restaurant. Omahe Mbok Giyem serves a mix of delectable traditional Javanese dishes with modern yet professional services.

This restaurant building has the design of the home of Javanese village brick house in general, or as the officials says: Javanese country house; which naturally refers to non-ceiling house. As it is located in the middle of a countryside village, the rustic and homey atmospheres are thick enough to create a feeling of “ndeso”; a common Javanese village atmosphere. The traditional Javanese atmosphere in the house is then combined with modern furniture for a more modern feel. Omahe Mbok Giyem also offer several seating options, as you can choose to dine in the terrace, in a simple gazebo with umbrellas, inside the house, or if you want to be more private, you can choose a private room with a table of four.

Besides its location and interiors, Omahe Mbok Giyem also invites you to reminisce with traditional Javanese food served in modern style for a more unforgettable taste.

Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) for example, is served along with Sayur Lodeh (fermented soybean block or tempe and spring bean cooked with coconut milk), one of the traditional foods of Bantul. If you like spicy food, you would love the Nasi Goreng Mercon (firecracker fried rice) or Nasi Petir Packaged (Thunderous Rice Package) where its spiciness would make you scream for more.

One of the Omah Mbok Giyem charms is the unique way to enjoy its foods and drinks. Just try to order a drink like brewed tea or coffee, where you will be served a pot of tea or coffee you ordered with a piece of palm sugar made with ginger mixture. To enjoy it, you must first bite the palm sugar then slowly drink the tea or coffee that has been poured in the cup. Then you will feel the unique sensation of warmth, with a slightly tingling sensation of spiciness and sweetness.

You can also order a variety of appetizer, main course and desserts that are also special and delicious. You can try to drink Italian sodas, ice coffee milk, ice cappuccino, shaved cucumber ice (es timun serut), iced fruit juice, coffee or brewed tea, or iced grass jelly (es cincau) which is sweet and refreshing. A dessert you wouldn’t want to miss is the Banana Caramel with Ice Cream, a creamy blend of ice cream and a sweet banana caramel. Apart from that, you can also order a grilled banana and martabak pisang (banana crepes).