Phuket of Yogyakarta

Phuket of Yogyakarta

If you want a taste of Thailand cuisine while you are in Indonesia, you won’t have to fly all over to the white elephants country, as now there are several restaurants that served Thai cuisine such as Phuket restaurant in Yogyakarta.

Phuket is a restaurant located in Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 240, Yogyakarta. As it names implies from a pretty island that becomes an interesting international tourism object in Thailand, you would have already recognized that the main dishes this restaurant serves is Thailand cuisines. Phuket restaurant has enriched the international culinary variety in Yogyakarta, with the restaurant use of herbs and spices to create original taste just like dishes from Thailand, especially dishes from the Southern region.

Most of its costumer would usually order an appetizer called Roti Naan Phuket Style (Phuket Naan Bread), bread with texture almost similar to that of Canai or Cane bread, with a sweet sauce made from palm sugar. One of Phuket popular menus is of course the famous Tom Yam Seafood soup, where its special sour and hot taste is the result of the perfect combination of seasoning and spices. The soup taste then perfected with fresh mussels, cuttlefishes, shrimps, and other seafoods swimming inside its hot and sour broth. If you want to taste something more exotic, Phuket also serve Ayam Goreng Nanas (Pineapple Fried Chicken), which is a fried chicken dish uniquely served in a pineapple fruit bowl. As the dessert, you may try Salad Mangga Muda (Young Mango Salad) combined with the salty Teri (salted small fish or anchovies). Its unique combination results in complete and perfect flavor where you can taste sour, sweet, hot, and salty at the same time that will make you unable to stop chewing before the last bite. Phuket offers various menus, such as Kwetiaw Sapi Saus Tiram (Beef Kwetiaw with Oyster Sauce), Cap Cay Bangkok, Ayam Goreng Bawang Putih (Garlic Fried Chicken), Sapi Karie Phuket (Phuket Beef Curry), and Kerang Hijau Masak Daun Kemangi (Green Mussel with Basil)

Phuket also offers several varieties of beverages originated from the country of Thailand such as Thai Iced Tea and Thai Coffee. Another special beverage is Es Kratingdeng Lychee, a kind of special beverages where an energy drink is mixed with milk and lychee. For Moslem believers, all menus in Phuket are considered halal (kosher), so they won’t have to worries the menus being served here. In addition, since the food is originally adapted from Southern Thailand, which is identical with Malayan cuisine, the taste is more palatable to Indonesian tongue.

Different from other international restaurants that serves Thailand cuisines which has quite expensive price range, Phuket applies into the category of cheap restaurants in Yogyakarta, with a concept of “warung” (small eateries) which offers cheap price for everyone, even for students.  This is also one of the many reasons why Phuket is well-known and well liked by the people of Yogyakarta, where it has as many as four outlets of Phuket diner available here.