Cheap and Tasty Fried Duck at Bebek Goreng Papin

Cheap and Tasty Fried Duck at Bebek Goreng Papin

If you are traveling to Surabaya or plan to, do try and visit its many establishments that offer great foods and drinks. From expensive five-star restaurant to the cheap foods of warung, you can find many varieties of Indonesia’s finest cuisine in Surabaya. If you are looking for budget restaurants in Surabaya with the taste of restaurants cuisine, you will be glad as there are many available, such as the one in Bebek Goreng Papin.

Just as the name suggest, Bebek Goreng Papin offers dishes that mainly consist of only duck, with several complementary such as white fluffy rice, salad and sambal, Indonesian chilli sauce. This small establishment is located in Jl. Kalianyar, Surabaya; and open daily in the afternoon, from 16.30 PM to 21.00 PM. If you are a duck or junk food lover, then the duck dishes served at Bebek Goreng Papin is a delicacy you ought to try.

Uniquely, there is not a one fixed price for the ducks. Here, you may choose the part of the duck that you wanted to eat, its chest, legs, wings, head and intestines, with varying price. Mainly the price varied from IDR 9.000,- to IDR 12.000,-. The difference between the prices is mainly the size of the duck parts; more expensive means more meat. The duck dishes at Bebek Goreng Papin are cooked with a special bumbu kuning recipe concocted from Madura. The dish presentation is also unique, the white rice is served with the chosen fried duck, plus fresh vegetable mix of cucumber, basil, cabbage and sambal. Then, a small cup that contained a duck stew broth is included, where customers usually pour it over the rice so that it will become more delicious. As it is a warung, most people here eat the dish in warung style, where they usually use their bare hand rather than fork and knife. Foreigners who wanted to eat here should know that in advance, although the owner could provide such utensils if asked to. All in all, Bebek Goreng Papin offers unique street food stall experience you will not easily forget.

Even though it is quite famous, there is a fair warning for those who wanted to go to Warung Bebek Papin. As its location is near the corner of the road junction between Kalianyar and Pecindilan, this warung is very easy to find but very hard to visit. When you have found the location, it is guaranteed that you will not be able to park your car as there is no large enough parking area near it.

To add to its horror, the warung is only open at the afternoon at 16.30 PM, which you can imagine how jammed and packed the streets are, especially in the famous old town region of North Surabaya. Even though Bebek Goreng Papin opened until late 21.00 PM at night, if you truly want to take a bite of Papin’s fried duck, do come here before the sound of Maghrib prayer echoed. The ducks of Bebek Goreng Papin is quite popular among the local residents, so if you are off a little bit, it will be guaranteed that you will not be able to eat it as many has sold out.