Scuba diving in the pristine and sparkling blue waters of Bali is a unique and spectacular experience. Bali provides a plethora of fantastic diving sites and facilities to all the levels of scuba divers. The city has become a confluence of scuba divers and attracts the lovers of this sport, both amateurs and pros, from all over the world to explore its underwater world. The abundance and diversity of marine wealth in the waters of Indonesia, irrespective of the diving location, provides such an experience that scuba divers don’t want to return home, or else they want to return back soon. The location just does not matter, just get in your wet suit and be ready to explore the numerous diving sites. The clarity of water in these locations ensures that the photographer in you makes the best use of the underwater photography opportunity.

The pleasant climate in Bali allows the enthusiastic diver to dive all year round. However, the best time to explore the marine treasure of Bali is between the months of June to October, which are the dry months. Diving in off seasons is also great, and it comes at even greater prices. There is also no cause of worry even when it is raining, the dives here don’t get cancelled. However, you may want and try to avoid the monsoon months as the clean and clear waters may turn murkier.

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The waters of Bali provide a wide variety of marine life and other diving sites for a magnificent scuba diving holiday. The excellent underwater visibility helps you to discover the huge wealth of marine life. When you dive, you might find yourself in the company of the famous Oceanic Sunfish Mambo, amongst many other aquatic lives. The place is known for its corals, dolphins, seahorses, barracuda and many more. The place is ideal for underwater photography enthusiasts and for the scuba diving buffs.

In Bali you can dive on real wrecks, the most famous of them being the wreck of USS Liberty. This piece of history can be explored when you dive in the north eastern section of Bali; One of the other popular diving sites, The Anchor Wreck. The spot has a wreck of a wooden boat and a huge anchor can be found here. There are a large number of tour operators and dive centres who conduct training and sea safaris for you to get the maximum out of you holidays.