The Asian African Conference Museum

The Asian African Conference Museum

Several parts of the history of Indonesia occurred in Bandung. That is why we can find many old buildings and heritages from the Dutch colonial period. One of the historical buildings is The Asian African Conference Museum that was built in 1895. The museum located in the left wing of Gedung Merdeka, at Jl. Asia Afrika No. 65 Bandung. It was the place when the leaders of Asian and African countries held a conference in April 18-24, 1955, known as Bandung Conference and declared Dasasila Bandung. The Asian African Conference later led the establishment of Non-Aligned Movement in 1961. The Asian African Conference Museum was aimed to commemorate the struggle of Asian and African nations to fight colonialism.

Inside the Asian African Conference Museum, there is an exhibition room with many displays, dioramas, and photos from the conference. Walking on the exhibition room, you can learn about the background triggered the Asian African Conference, the effects of the conference to the world, and the profiles of the Asian and African leaders who conducted the conference. There are also pictures of Bandung and Gedung Merdeka from time to time. The Asian African Conference Museum combines the history with technology, which is shown in multimedia. If you need more explanations about the Asian African Conference, there are volunteer students ready to guide you.

The Asian African Conference Museum has a library providing various documents of the Asian African Conference and its preparatory conference, books of history, social, politics, and culture of the Asian and African countries, also magazines and newspapers. The history of nations is well documente in this library, and it is a precious source of information that will be very useful for the future. Besides the library, the Asian African Conference Museum also has an audio visual room, which was built in 1985. This room is used for showing documentary films about what happened in the world until the period of 1950s. There are also film documentations regarding the Asian African Conference and its preparatory, and films about the social, political, and cultural aspects of the Asian and African countries.

The Asian African Conference Museum is located in the city center of Bandung. It is very close to Savoy Homann Hotel, Preanger Hotel, and Panghegar Hotel, and it can be reached by few minutes walking. From Jl. Cihampelas, you can take public transportation called angkot with the track Ledeng – Kalapa or Sederhana – Buah Batu, and get off the angkot on Jl. Tamblong. You will get the Asian African Conference Museum by 5-minute walking.

Visiting the Asian African Conference Museum is actually not a cheap traveling in Bandung, because it is free. You do not need to buy any ticket for having the remarkable history in the museum, and you are very welcome there. The Asian African Conference Museum opens every Monday to Friday at 8 am – 3 pm with closing for lunch break at 12 pm – 1 pm, and every Saturday at 8 am to 12 pm. For further information about the Asian African Conference Museum, please call (+6222) 4233564 or 4238031.