The Delicious Fusion Food at the House of Sampoerna Cafe

The Delicious Fusion Food at the House of Sampoerna Cafe

Everyone in Indonesia must have known the name of Sampoerna, one of the leading cigarette manufacturers in this archipelagic country. Pioneered in the city of Surabaya, this brand name not only served as one of the icons of the city, but also as one of the unique budget restaurants in Surabaya, where the café combined flawlessly with the cigarette museum in House of Sampoerna. If you had the time, it is recommended that you visit this Surabaya’s famous landmark to learn more about cigarettes and to taste its fine dining experience.

Located at Jl. Taman Sampoerna No. 6 Pabean – Cantikan, the House of Sampoerna is situated in the center of Surabaya city. The café is located right next to the House of Sampoerna Museum and Art Gallery, which is free of admission, so visitors who have viewed the inside of the museum may rest and relax in the café.

The café is quite beautiful, where a little touch of creative art deco café merged harmoniously with classic decorations, paintings, tables, chairs, windows and chandeliers. The exquisite design of old and modern nuance can be seen throughout the whole room of House of Sampoerna Café, where the original painted and leaded glass windows and century old carved teak panels blending in with clean and sophisticated modern design. The beautiful interior of the Café is one of the many reasons why you should visit it. A café with a touch of art deco‚ a splash of wild creativity and a dash of history is indeed an unforgettable experience that you should not miss.

The House of Sampoerna Cafe provides an exciting culinary tour, as in this place, the menu is consisted of East-West fusion cuisine, a unique blend from Indonesian, Asia and Europe cuisines. Their signature main dishes are Nasi Goreng Hitam (Black Fried Rice), Sop Buntut Goreng ala HoS Café (fried ox tail soup), Salmon Vinaigrette, Singaporean Laksa, Rice Paper Rolls ala Vietnam, Beef Black Pepper, Japanese Chicken Teriyaki, Rawon (traditional beef soup) and Tahu Campur (mixed tofu). As for the drinks, there are Passion Fruit Delight, Wedang Kayu Manis (hot drink made from cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves and palm sugar), Surabaya Sunrise (a mix of lemon, orange, mango concentrate and soda), Hawaiian Fruity (blended smoothies from banana, raspberry, honey and milk), and thers. Other dishes such as Nasi Goreng Soka (crab fried rice), Asam-asam Iga (ribs with tamarind soup) and Nasi Goreng XO (XO fried rice) are also available at the café of House of Sampoerna.

The House of Sampoerna Café opens from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 AM until 22:00 PM. In addition, if you come here on a Friday or Saturday, the soothing sounds of Jazz live music performances held at the café will accompany your dining atmosphere as the evening arrives, starting from 19:00 PM to 22:00 PM. Moreover, if you wanted to feel a different kind of atmosphere, come to the House of Sampoerna Café in the weekend where a barbeque party is held with only IDR 85.000,-.