Paprica Dua Hotel, Surabaya

Paprica Dua Hotel, Surabaya

One of the best things about Surabaya as the second-largest city in Indonesia is its unique culinary. Unlike other cities that have craft or cloth as their main souvenirs, food is definitely the main gift for people back home if you travel to Surabaya. Smoked milkfish, shrimp and any other crackers made from sea creatures, beef floss called abon, and cashew as well as any other type of nuts are the famous to go foods from Surabaya.

If shopping for those foods is the main objective for your trip in Surabaya, then you can consider Paprica Dua Hotel as your perfect place to stay. Paprica Dua Hotel is a budget hotel in Surabaya that is located in Jl. Genteng Besar 80. For your information, Jalan Genteng Besar is the street where the shops for all kind of famous foods, snacks and dishes from all around East Java stand in line. You can find and pack up all those food for your loved ones in this street. One of the advantages of staying at this hotel is the easy access for crazy food shopping in this street.

Beside Jalan Genteng Besar with all of its unique foods, the hotel is also near to some of the important tourist attractions in Surabaya. It is five minute walk to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, one of the largest and the most complicated shopping mall in Indonesia. The hotel is also near the location of the famous Zangrandi ice cream café and Gubeng Train Station, the main train station in Surabaya.

Paprica Dua Hotel’s interior is modern minimalist architecture with white and light grey as the main color of the building. It is neat, clean and comfortable for a short or long stay. You can get a loyalty discount if you decide to stay more than ten days in this hotel.

As the budget hotel in Surabaya, Paprica Dua Hotel has also other advantages that are suitable for the backpackers. It has the facilities that must be needed for all backpackers all around the world. Free Wi-Fi Internet access and 24 hours coffee shop are some of the examples.

The price range for the room is varied from IDR 235.000,- to IDR 390.000,-. This price includes standard facilities as no smoking clean room, air conditioner, hot shower and breakfast. There are plenty rooms available in this four level building. You can have a very comfortable staying with very reasonable prices here.

If you have concerns about security, this hotel is definitely a safe place for you and your belongings. It has 24/7 CCTV security camera that can monitor all of the activities happened in this hotel. This hotel is also provided free and safe parking space for your vehicles. You can leave the safety to this hotel and focus on your precious trip exploring Surabaya. Have a nice stay, have a nice service, and enjoy your trip in Surabaya.


Paprica Dua Hotel

Jl. Genteng Besar 80, Surabaya

Phone : +62-31-5353719

Fax : +62-31-5026610

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