Cemara Hotel, Surabaya

Cemara Hotel, Surabaya

For a backpacker, budget is the most important thing in a trip. It is the highest priority and the top constraint to be considered. When a trip is on budget, a backpacker has to forget about facilities and comfort. However, what if there is a place to stay that can give you cheap price, good facilities and also comfort all in the same package? No need to think twice, you will definitely grab that chance, right?

Cemara Hotel is one of budget hotels in Surabaya that can accommodate your need of cheap price and relatively good facilities in order to comfort you in your trip. It is located in Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 66, Surabaya, Indonesia. The location of this hotel is pretty much strategic, considering it is near the Wonokromo Train Station, the station that serves almost all route for economic class train. It is also near the shopping center such as Royal Plaza and Darmo Trade Center where you can find general things you need and some of Surabaya’s traditional culinary. This hotel is also located near the Jatim Expo, if you need to attend some important exhibition in Surabaya. You can also choose this hotel if you need to visit your friends or family that studies in IAIN, UBHARA or UNESA. For other famous tourist attractions in Surabaya, it is also pretty much easy to take public transportation from this hotel.

The price range for rooms in Cemara Hotel is varied from IDR 100.000,- up until IDR 300.000,-. Air conditioner, as one of the most important thing considering the crazy hot temperature in Surabaya, is included in all kind of room types. Television, as a human best friend, especially when you travel alone, is also included in all kind of room types. Hot water is also provided for some room types in this hotel.

The hotel building is quite nice with green as the main color of the wall. It is look very homey with the old-fashioned furniture that mostly made of woods. There are potted plants here and there to make the place look leafy. It is a quite neat and comfortable place for a budget hotel in Surabaya.

If you need a car for your trip around Surabaya, the second-largest city in Indonesia, Cemara Hotel can provide you a rent car service. Besides that, if you need a shuttle service to the airport, this hotel can also arrange that service for you. This hotel can also provide you with tour packages for many tourist attractions around East Java Province.

It is quite fancy facilities for a budget hotel in Surabaya, right? If you do not have a plan to visit Surabaya yet, you can always mark this hotel for your future plan. Write down all the important information about this hotel and contact it whenever you need it.

Cemara Hotel

Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 66, Surabaya

Phone : (031) 8289903

E-mail : hotelcemara@gmail.com

Website : http://hotelcemara.blogspot.com